Employee Mobile Work Savings Calculator™   
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  Use this calculator to see what you can save through telework. Where available, the regional average is shown as the default in the box to the right or you can replace it with your own assumptions.  
  How many days a week will you work at or nearer home?  
  How do you commute to work on a typical day?
  Answer the following questions if any part of your trip to work involves driving your own vehicle:  
  What price do you pay per gallon of gas?  
  What is your average miles per gallon (mpg)?  
  If you were to work at home, what percentage of your commuter miles would be eliminated (consider that you may need to make special trips for things you used to do during your commute)?  
  What do you estimate to be the cost per mile for maintenance and tires?  
  If you drive to work, enter your figures for each of the following or leave default values:  
  Roundtrip commute in miles  
  Roundtrip commute in minutes  
  If you take public transit or car/van pool, enter your figures or leave default values:  
  How much do you pay per day (round trip)  
  If you drive to the transit or car pool location, how many miles do you drive roundtrip?  
  What is your total roundtrip travel minutes to/from work?  
  Enter your value for other office / travel costs per day or leave default values:  
  Parking per day   
  Food / beverages per day (net of the cost you will pay for the same at home)  
  Work clothes per day (divide you annual work clothes budget by 217)  
  Misc. daily expenses (tolls, gifts, daycare, pools, kitty, eldercare) - no default available  
  Extra Annual Home Electricity Usage  
  Enter your estimate of the annual total of extra energy (in kWh) you will use as a result of being at home more or leave default value.  
  Enter the cost you pay for home electricity (per kWh) or leave default value.  
  Other per person additional ANNUAL savings--Enter lump sum annual savings only; per day expenses should be added as Misc. daily above  
  Auto insurance premium reduction due to less driving (no default available; ask your insurance agent)  
  Other annual savings (enter any other Annual savings here)  
  Here Is What You Would Save By Working Remotely  
  Net Annual Financial Savings  
  Equivalent $ per hour earnings  
  Equivalent Work Days per Year Saved by Reduced Commuter Travel